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blood testingAs our gift to you and your four-legged friends, Laurelton Veterinary Hospital will be offering $80 off Total Health Plus bloodwork now through January 1, 2016!

Why should you get bloodwork done for your pet?

  • Blood tests can help your veterinarian establish a benchmark for normal values in young pets and easily see changes that may point to health problems.
  • Senior pets can develop many of the same health issues that people develop when they get older, such as cancer, heart disease, kidney disease, and diabetes. Blood screenings help check for the possibility of any health concerns.
  • Pets on long term medications that require frequent refills (such as phenobarb, soloxine, and apoquel) are required to have bloodwork performed every six months.

Blood testing can add years to your pet's life. Call us at (732) 840-5588 for questions, or to schedule your pet's appointment today!